AIWin Technology Co., Ltd.

The vision of AIWin Technology is to become the leading brand in AI image recognition for smart factories worldwide. The mission of AIWin is to provide comprehensive AI import services to solve customers’ pain points. Our philosophy is to persist in the continuous innovation of AI technology to deliver localized and practical applications.

About us

AIWin Technology offers customers with an integrated AI SaaS platform solution (Winhub.AI – Fusion AI SaaS Solutions) containing computer vision, data analysis (AutoML), expert system and traditional algorithm. Customers can quickly complete development and deployment of AI landing through the one-stop platform. Hardware and software integration has been completed for areas such as semiconductors, smart water and NDT. It is ready to use and landing right out of the box.

Core businesses

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  • No-Code (SaaS)
  • MLOps (AI maintenance)
  • End-to-End (Domain)


  • Industrial data optimization
  • Industrial algorithm optimization
  • Industrial micro-customization
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Industrial solution

  • Software and hardware standardization
  • Standardization AI model
  • Perform landing when AI is just out of the box

Industry-University Cooperation


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