(1) Defect inspection system for golf balls

This technology is mainly used to detect the surface defects of golf balls. Through the high-speed and high-precision AOI system combined with AI deep learning image recognition technology, we detect the surface defects of golf balls, and provide customers with a complete set of parallel golf AI-AOI equipment, with automatic feeding and unloading, to reduce the missing detection in manual recognition. It can record the defect status in real time and report back. Each machine can detect 200,000 golf balls every year.
It can help to achieve a daily production capacity of more than 100,000 pieces, and the yield can reach more than 98.5%.

(2) Steel coil side OCR detection and judgment

It combines with the steel coil production process to assist in the introduction of AI-OCR technology. The recognition rate is more than 98.7%, effectively preventing the shipment of bad products.

(3) Factory safety recognition

Through AI deep learning image recognition technology, combined with the self-propelled vehicle automatic patrol camera, it can check and identify safety incidents, and effectively report violations within 10 minutes.

(4) AI defect detection system of shoelace surface

The surface defects of shoelaces can be detected by camera and AI deep learning image recognition technology.

(5) Full automation software for textile setting equipment

Through IoT and automation software design, we help our customers upgrade fully automated devices and automate monitoring, greatly reducing working hours and manual operation errors.