AIWin Successfully Completes Pre-A+ Funding Round, Injecting New Momentum into Its Product ‘WinHub.AI

AIWin Successfully Completes Pre-A+ Funding Round, Injecting New Momentum into Its Product ‘WinHub.AI

AIWin Technology, focused on providing innovative artificial intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce today that it has successfully completed its Pre-A+ round of fundraising, raising a total of 30 million New Taiwan dollars. This round of fundraising was led by APLEX Technology and received strong support from the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association’s Startup Investment Committee and original shareholders.

AIWin Technology’s core product, “WinHub.AI”, is an AI SaaS platform solution that integrates computer vision, AutoML, expert systems, and traditional algorithms. The platform allows customers to quickly complete AI development and deployment through one-stop service, making operation very simple and further realizing the popularization of AI. As long as customers are familiar with their industry knowledge and can operate the platform, they can easily build and deploy AI, greatly reducing the operational threshold and solving the problem of talent shortage in AI introduction.

The funds raised this time will be used to improve the product development of “WinHub.AI”, and add value to the AI product in the products of the strategic shareholders, jointly create new AI solutions and business models, and establish a complete industry AI layout with investors. In addition, AIWin is constantly developing new technologies, and has integrated generative AI and large model technologies into “WinHub.AI”, allowing users to be more convenient, without worrying about data organization and labeling issues, and only need to focus on the field and application. With excellent AI technical energy, the funds raised this time will also be used for overseas market development, especially the Australian, Japanese, and Southeast Asian markets. It has established cooperative relations with agency business partners in Australia and Japan, and has begun to carry out business layout.

Ph.D. Aaron Lin, General Manager of AIWin Technology, said: “We deeply appreciate the trust and support of all investors. This fundraising will give us more resources to accelerate product development and expand the market. Our goal is to make AI a tool for everyone, not just a patent for experts. We firmly believe that through our efforts, we can achieve this goal.”

The “WinHub.AI” developed by AIWin Technology symbolizes the development chapter of Taiwan’s AI field. We look forward to seeing the future development of AIWin Technology and expect them to make greater contributions to Taiwan’s AI industry.

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