AIWin Technology AI SaaS platform adopts the microservices concept for development. It owns a technology with separate front and back ends and contains automation deployment model mechanism of MLOps. Therefore, customers can perform seamless connections when integrating their own systems or purchasing our system to perform connections.

MLOps cycle


The AI SaaS platform provided by AIWin Technology increases efficiency of AI development and maintenance via three operating processes, DataOps, ModelOps and DecisionOps and accelerates AI model landing through automated working process. It offers a complete machine/deep learning service from data creation, model training, model evaluation to automatic deployment. Through model monitoring and feedback, it assists you with continuous integration and delivery, enhances the model quality and guarantees model reliability.

MLOps cycle

AOI Architecture

Use the optical camera to shoot the image of the object. After processing the image data and inputting AI machine learning model training, AI intelligentization inspection can be achieved.

AOI Process Flow Chart

About AOI Product Application

A complete solution of machine vision offered by AIWin Technology combines AI and AOI technologies. To respond to the product inspection needs of customer, Aiwin Technology offers optical inspection equipment solutions and develops the image algorithm and AI model. By using AIWinOps, the auto training platform, inspection accuracy keeps increasing. The acceptance requirement of the customer, exception notification and machine interconnection are customized to solve overkill and misjudgment problems effectively. The solution is used for appearance defect inspection in the industrial industry, smart industry safety check and OCR.

Automatic measurement

The auto image measurement analysis software provided by AIWin Technology is used in professional domains such as semiconductor inspection and non-destructive inspection. It offers auto measurement of ROI internal length and width, manual measurement of length at any location, and special characteristic location search. Meanwhile, the image processing algorithm has been developed for advanced measurement goals. Image analysis technicians may perform numerous types of complicated target measurement. The quantitative data and visualization chart are provided to the production line, professional science laboratory or quality inspection technician for analysis, helping you measure the size precisely and summarize the report quickly.

AIWin automatic measurement